Maria's Promise

Maria's Promise

As the founder of the Maria Toorpakai Foundation, I promise to create lasting change in remote regions of the world, beginning in the Tribal areas of Pakistan, by working to develop self confident girls and boys and create peaceful communities through sport, education and access to healthcare.   I believe sports and education are the pillars on which peaceful societies can be built.   Both are necessary elements.   And, all children need access to proper healthcare.  

I want every girl and boy out there to know that a good, happy life can be created.  Life is another word for struggle.  There will be hardships but they will polish you into a diamond.  I promise to work hard to help young girls and boys understand that that they are unique individuals who can contribute to creating peaceful societies – but they must have education.  Living live with full freedom is a basic right, and no one has the right to snatch it from you.  I promise to share this message with children and provide them with opportunities for education, sports and proper healthcare.   

The distance between East and West has caused fear and hate.   Ignorance breeds extremism and close-mindedness.  The only we can develop humanity as a whole is to make sure everyone is educated.  Education brings enlightenment and knowledge breaks down barriers.  Through sports and education we can connect east and west but we must join together on this journey.  Some might say my goals are too ambitious but those people haven’t met Maria Toorpakai.  Nothing will stop me from pursuing my dream


With Deep Appreciation,

Maria Toorpakai

The Maria Toorpakai Foundation, Inc. is a New York Not-For-Profit Corporation with tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) public charity.  Donations to the Foundation are deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Checks can be sent to: 

The Maria Toorpakai Foundation, Inc.
1632 First Avenue
Suite 319
New York, NY 10028